The complete text regarding consortium by-laws governing membership appears below. Interested persons may apply for membership at any time or at any consortium meeting. For your convenience, a membership application is located here for you to print out and submit if you like. You may also submit the completed application by mail or in person to Lutheran Services (see “Local HIV Services” on the home page for the address). View the membership application.


ARTICLE FOUR – Membership and Responsibilities


Section 1: Composition of Members – The Consortium membership should include organizations public and private, with interest or experience in HIV/AIDS service delivery and populations and subpopulations of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and/or persons affected by HIV/AIDS. In order to ensure diverse experience and input, members should be representative of, but not limited to the types of organizations and expertise recommended in the most current guidance from both the Health Resource Service Administration (HRSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Consortium Membership will strive for a minimum of 25% PLWHA or persons affected by HIV/AIDS.


Section 2: Eligibility – The Consortium shall be open to any individual residing or working in Area 1 who demonstrates affirmative interest and concern to improve the health of people living with HIV/AIDS. Only those individuals who have attended at least two of the last four Consortium meetings will be eligible to vote. No more than two paid staff members from any one organization who are not self identified PLWHAs may be voting members of the Consortium.


Section 3: Attendance & Voting Privileges – Individuals who have completed the Consortium membership application and attended two of the last four full consortia meetings may vote. Any person living with HIV/AIDS who is unable to physically participate in activities may receive special exemption to participation requirements and as active members shall be allowed representation by proxy. Members are encouraged to select and participate in one Primary Standing Committee and should attend all regularly and duly called meetings of that committee.


Section 4: Recruitment of Members – All Consortium members will be responsible to assist in the recruitment of individuals from all represented geographic areas, infected and affected population groups and various fields of expertise, including people who have an interest in the health of persons living with HIV/AIDS.


Section 5: Duties – Active Voting Members agree to participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive service plan for people living with HIV/AIDS and participate actively on at least one Primary Standing Committee.


Section 6: Membership Terms and Resignation – Active Voting Membership terms shall be perpetual unless otherwise provided by these bylaws. Any member may at any time resign as a member by submitting a written resignation to the Chair to be effective upon receipt.


Section 7: Removal of Members – Any member may be removed with cause, by a majority vote of the Consortium Steering Committee where a quorum (33%) of all current voting Steering Committee members is present.


Section 8: Conflict of Interest – In the conduct of all business, the Consortium will act in accordance with all local and state laws pertaining to conflicts of interest. In order to safeguard Consortium recommendations to the Department of Health from potential conflict of interest, each member will disclose any and all professional and/or personal affiliations with agencies that may pursue funding from the Department of Health, from the Department of Health’s agents, or from other agents as might be affected by the recommendations of the Consortium.


Section 8a: Each member will complete a Disclosure Statement form annually indicating their willingness to leave behind special interest of their agency during planning deliberations and agree to act only on behalf of the broadly affected HIV community. All completed Disclosure Statement forms will be kept on file by the Lead Agency. A review of the conflict of interest policy and procedures will be conducted during at least one meeting of the Consortium in each calendar year.


Section 8b: A Consortium Voting Member who also serves as a director, trustee, board member, or a salaried employee or otherwise materially benefits from association with any agency which may seek funds from the Lead Agency is deemed to have an “interest” in said agency or agencies regardless of HIV status.


Section 8c: All Consortium members with a conflict of interest shall abstain from voting on issues that relate to the source of conflict. A member may be removed from the Consortium and all Committees when it is determined that the members knowingly attempted to influence the Consortium in an area of conflict of interest.


Section 8d: The Consortium Chair has the prerogative of calling for a vote to determine whether a member will have voting privileges on any issue(s) in question.